Coronavirus Spreads by Breathing and Talking

Coronavirus Spreads by Breathing and Talking is the message sent to the American White House by Dr. Harvey Fineberg, committee chairmen, the Standing Committee on Emerging Infectious Diseases and Health Threats of the 21st Century, National Academy of Sciences and an expert panel. He said, “While the current [coronavirus] specific work is restricted, the findings […]

Coronavirus disease isn’t like the flu – here’s why

On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organization, formally declared COVID-19 a pandemic. COVID-19, short for “Coronavirus Virus 2019,” has posed thousands of questions for millions of people. Many of the most commonly asked questions are on how COVID-19 is like flu. The bottom line here is: No, COVID-19 isn’t “just like” the flu. Below […]

Types Of Masks And How They Can Be Effective Against COVID-19

3-layer masks, homemade masks, and respirators have become symbolic of protection during the COVID-19 crisis. How much protection do these masks and respirators really offer, can they be reused, and what are their limits? In this Q&A, Ana Rule, PhD, and Kirsten Koehler, PhD, offer an introduction to masks, respirators, and their best uses. Rule […]

6 Coronavirus-prevention (COVID-19) measure

See our recommendations below to keep you up-to-date about how to stop catching the coronavirus (COVID-19) or any other illnesses. In your everyday life, you can use those tips to help flatten the curve! 1. Practice breathing hygiene-wear approved facemasks  Make sure you exercise proper breathing hygiene. Try to wear qualified face masks such as […]

How Wearing Masks In The Community During The COVID-19 Pandemic Can Be Beneficial

People often wear masks to protect themselves, but we suggest a stronger public health rationale is source control to protect others from respiratory droplets. This approach is important because of possible asymptomatic transmissions of SARS-CoV-2. Authorities such as WHO and PHE have hitherto not recommended mass masking because they suggest there is no evidence that […]

The Newest Issue During Coronavirus Battles: Finding Falsified Respirators

From no NIOSH labels on the facepiece to inaccurate spellings, trendy aftermarket materials, to statements that respirators are safe for babies, the alarm about counterfeit respirators to goods has raised a range of red flags throughout the United States. During the battle against COVID-19, one of the growing issues within the healthcare industry has led […]

Coronavirus – What you need to know

Coronaviruses are a wide group of viruses which can cause animal and human illness. Many coronaviruses are widespread in the U.S. and typically cause upper respiratory symptoms such as cough or runny nose, but others can cause more serious diseases. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease that can spread from one person to the next. […]